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Can You Imagine Customers Tattooing Your Logo on Themselves?

One of my best buddies is a fellow named BJ Bueno. He is one of the best marketers, thinkers and strategists I have ever met. BJ is all about creating cult brands and how small businesses like ours can, in fact, do it without spending zillions of dollars. He write a blog called Cult Marketing […]

Posted in Articles, Management, Marketing, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Learning to Be a Good Manager

If you are like me, one of the greatest challenges you face is managing people. Great managers are so hard to come by. And just because you own the business, doesn’t mean you are a good manager. There is a huge difference between being a successful entrepreneur and being a successful manager. For me, managing […]

Posted in Articles, Management by Dave Ratner.

Get Out Of Your Store

Hi! Did you miss me? As you probably noticed my “words of wisdom” have not been appearing in the last few months. Truth is, I ran out of stuff to write about. My very kind editors agreed that I could/should take a sabbatical and come back when the creative juices started flowing again. It’s hard […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Retail by Dave Ratner.

National Retail Federation Launches Small Business Retail Council

The National Retail Federation (NRF) has launched the Small Business Retail Council to represent and respond to the interests of small regional and local independent retailers. The committee will identify concerns, develop strategies and solutions, and promote and organize grassroots advocacy. The Council also will serve as a forum for NRF’s small business members to […]

Posted in Articles, National Retail Federation by Dave Ratner.

Dave Ratner joins business owners talking taxes, wages, in Washington

By Jim Kinney | AGAWAM — Dave Ratner, owner of Dave’s Soda & Pet City, often appears in the company of a furry or feathered pet. But later this month he’ll be with U.S. senators and members of the House of Representatives when he goes to Washington to lobby along with other retailers as […]

Posted in Articles, Management, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Big advice from a small retailer

By Al McClain At the recent eTail West conference, Dave Ratner gave a terrific presentation on how small retailers can win against big chains — real world examples from somebody who worked his way up from the bottom. First, a little background: Mr. Ratner is the owner of Dave’s Soda & Pet City, a seven-store […]

Posted in Articles, Management, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Dave’s Soda & Pet City introduces Pounds for Pounds program for area shelters

By The Republican Business Desk AGAWAM – All Dave’s Soda & Pet City locations , Agawam, Hadley, Ludlow Northampton, Springfield, Stafford Springs and Ware. Dave’s Soda & Pet City and Natura Pet Foods, is proud to introduce the Pounds for Pounds Program created to partner with four area shelters. For the month of April, every […]

Posted in Articles, Event Planning, Pets by Dave Ratner.

Hampden County Correctional Center inmates boost Toy for Joy by $5,000; nearly $74,000 still needs to be raised

By George Graham | SPRINGFIELD – The Hampden County Correctional Center inmates’ commissary fund has continued its long-standing Christmas tradition of donating to the Toy for Joy fund. The $5,000 gift to families in need brings the Toy for Joy tally to $76,310, leaving $73,690 to be raised by Christmas Eve in order to […]

Posted in Articles, Event Planning by Dave Ratner.
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Good Boss, or Good Leader?

Do you nurture your employees so they can grow to be leaders themselves? Do you let your employees make decisions and yes, even wrong decisions? Is it difficult for you to give up control, or are you at the point where you are happy to have other folks help run the business? I ask these […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Management by Dave Ratner.

Your Attitude Goes a Long Way in Business

This is a “do as I say, don’t do as I do” column. I was at the Summit distributors buying show last weekend and met a very nice woman who runs a pretty successful store, and has a wholesale bakery business. She was telling me about the competition moving near her, voicing her concern about […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Management, Retail by Dave Ratner.

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