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Frightful, Yes; Incurable, No: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

By Michael D. Shaw There is an affliction that threatens the livelihoods, as well as the very lives, of a great many people. I exaggerate not in the slightest when I assert, as a scientist and as a writer, that the fear of public speaking is the enemy of progress, the foe of education and […]

Posted in Articles by Dave Ratner.

Retail Common Sense

By Greg Girard The IPCPR Annual Convention & International Trade Show is far more than just an opportunity to spend a few days learning about and buying the newest cigars, pipes, tobaccos and smoking accessories. It’s also a chance to network with industry peers and share tips on good practices over a drink and a […]

Posted in Articles, Management, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Dave Ratner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City featured on national ad campaign

By Jim Kinney | AGWAM – Dave Ratner and Dave’s Soda and Pet City will be a part of the National Retail Federation’s Retail Across America campaign. Ratner, who is celebrating 40 years of Dave’s Soda and Pet City this year, is very active with the federation advocating on behalf of the nation’s brick-and-mortar retailers in […]

Posted in Articles, Marketing by Dave Ratner.

Dave Ratner of Dave’s Soda & Pet City celebrates 40 years

By Jim Kinney | AGAWAM – Dave Ratner was a little late for an interview meant to celebrate 40 years of Dave’s Soda & Pet City. He was in his office, on the phone with a customer from Northampton who hadn’t been able to find a particular item during repeated trips to his store. […]

Posted in Articles, Retail by Dave Ratner.

The Big Show

As I write this, I just got back from the National Retail Federation Big Show (a retailer trade show) in New York. Going to the show is a mind-boggling experience and you really should attend it. The show takes up the entire Javits Center in New York, which dwarfs the venues at Global Pet Expo […]

Posted in Articles, National Retail Federation, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Staying in the Game

By the time you read this Christmas will be over and the fabulous week between Christmas and New Year’s Day will also be in the books. I did something this year that we haven’t done in a few years. We sent the top 20 percent of our customers a postcard that simply said thanks for […]

Posted in Articles, Retail by Dave Ratner.

TV Revisited

It’s been a month since my last column and advertising is still on my mind. My local NBC affiliate put on a lunch sponsored by the network television association. It was great because there was no selling but lots of information. Even with a declining audience, network TV rules the media. The fellow who put […]

Posted in Articles, Marketing, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Can You Imagine Customers Tattooing Your Logo on Themselves?

One of my best buddies is a fellow named BJ Bueno. He is one of the best marketers, thinkers and strategists I have ever met. BJ is all about creating cult brands and how small businesses like ours can, in fact, do it without spending zillions of dollars. He write a blog called Cult Marketing […]

Posted in Articles, Management, Marketing, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Learning to Be a Good Manager

If you are like me, one of the greatest challenges you face is managing people. Great managers are so hard to come by. And just because you own the business, doesn’t mean you are a good manager. There is a huge difference between being a successful entrepreneur and being a successful manager. For me, managing […]

Posted in Articles, Management by Dave Ratner.

Get Out Of Your Store

Hi! Did you miss me? As you probably noticed my “words of wisdom” have not been appearing in the last few months. Truth is, I ran out of stuff to write about. My very kind editors agreed that I could/should take a sabbatical and come back when the creative juices started flowing again. It’s hard […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Retail by Dave Ratner.

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