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Latest "Marketing" Posts

Dave Ratner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City featured on national ad campaign

By Jim Kinney | AGWAM – Dave Ratner and Dave’s Soda and Pet City will be a part of the National Retail Federation’s Retail Across America campaign. Ratner, who is celebrating 40 years of Dave’s Soda and Pet City this year, is very active with the federation advocating on behalf of the nation’s brick-and-mortar retailers in […]

Posted in Articles, Marketing by Dave Ratner.

TV Revisited

It’s been a month since my last column and advertising is still on my mind. My local NBC affiliate put on a lunch sponsored by the network television association. It was great because there was no selling but lots of information. Even with a declining audience, network TV rules the media. The fellow who put […]

Posted in Articles, Marketing, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Pet Stores on the Radio

As I write this article I am trying to pull my thoughts together about our Christmas marketing plans as well as some ideas for making my customers love us even more. For the first time in years, I am investing money in radio advertising. I’ve seen a lot of research that says radio has the […]

Posted in Marketing, Pets, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Can You Imagine Customers Tattooing Your Logo on Themselves?

One of my best buddies is a fellow named BJ Bueno. He is one of the best marketers, thinkers and strategists I have ever met. BJ is all about creating cult brands and how small businesses like ours can, in fact, do it without spending zillions of dollars. He write a blog called Cult Marketing […]

Posted in Articles, Management, Marketing, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Too many cards? Dave’s Soda and Pet City teams up with The Loc Card to get universal loyalty

By Jim Kinney | SPRINGFIELD — Getting a discount at checkout these days is like the beginning of a magic trick. Pick a card, any card. Loyalty programs — where a customer signs up and gives the merchant the ability to track his or her spending in return for discounts and offers — proliferate. […]

Posted in Articles, Management, Marketing by Dave Ratner.

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