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Latest "Leadership" Posts

Get Out Of Your Store

Hi! Did you miss me? As you probably noticed my “words of wisdom” have not been appearing in the last few months. Truth is, I ran out of stuff to write about. My very kind editors agreed that I could/should take a sabbatical and come back when the creative juices started flowing again. It’s hard […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Good Boss, or Good Leader?

Do you nurture your employees so they can grow to be leaders themselves? Do you let your employees make decisions and yes, even wrong decisions? Is it difficult for you to give up control, or are you at the point where you are happy to have other folks help run the business? I ask these […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Management by Dave Ratner.

Your Attitude Goes a Long Way in Business

This is a “do as I say, don’t do as I do” column. I was at the Summit distributors buying show last weekend and met a very nice woman who runs a pretty successful store, and has a wholesale bakery business. She was telling me about the competition moving near her, voicing her concern about […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Management, Retail by Dave Ratner.

Dave Ratner of Soda & Pet City fame gets into Hall of Fame

By Jim Kinney | SPRINGFIELD — Dave Ratner read aloud from a customer email detailing a bad experience at Dave’s Soda & Pet City. It drove him nuts. And that’s why he’s in the Hall of Fame. “You need to give the customer a reason to do business with you,” Ratner said “If I […]

Posted in Articles, Leadership, Retail by Dave Ratner.

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