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Come, sit, stay and learn from a speaker who’s a leader in business

Learn how to play with the BIG DOGS and win, from a guy who actually does it.

More than a by-the-book marketing or sales speaker, award winning independent retailer, Dave Ratner delivers forehead-slapping insights, belly laughs, and inspiration for small business and retail success. He’s a working retailer with 150 employees, who deals with customers on a daily basis.

Dave’s keynotes and trainings provide common-sense, cost-effective strategies in customer service, entrepreneurship, advertising, sales, marketing, management, leadership and human resources programs. All topics are customized to the audience and most topics can be presented as keynotes and expanded into training sessions.

Most Requested Keynote and Presentation Topics


Creating Customer Love

How to Get and Keep LOYAL Customers

Don’t dig a hole with your customers. Creating rich customer experience and cultivating fierce customer loyalty. Based on Dave’s critically acclaimed book, Customer Love: Make Your Customers Love You So Much They’ll Never Go Anyplace Else!

Audience Will Learn:

  • cost effective ways to get your message to the folks you want as customers
  • how to keep your customers coming back
  • tips for getting existing customers not only to come back but tell their friends
  • learn how Dave does it and how each practice can be customized to your business

I have built a pretty successful business concentrating on making sure my existing customers not only come back but tell their friends to shop in my stores. You will learn how I do it and how you can adapt my practices to your business.” —Dave

Kohl's Department StoresDave has captured the essence of being a successful entrepreneur in a captivating and humorous style that is both fascinating and inspiring.

Julie Gardner, Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer
Kohl’s Department Stores


Lead the Pack in Sales

Bad to the bone marketing tips that wont’ break the bank

Increasing small business and retail sales through creative marketing. You can’t “out advertise” the big guys but you can “out market” them! This interactive and fun seminar is chock full of creative and cost effective ways to advertise and market your business.  Bring your note pad as Dave fires off rounds of ideas customized for your audiences market.

Audience Will Learn:

  • how to craft good ads
  • where, when, and how often to run those ads
  • how to get lots of free publicity
  • how to not advertise but “market” your business

“Increasing small business and retail sales through creative marketing is fun and affordable with these proven tips I use for my shop advertising and marketing.” – Dave

Just 4 K-9s and Kitty 2…to take our store to the next level the first step is to fill the gaps (you pointed out) in the management style… Thank you again, for giving us a starting point to launch from.

Cheryl High, Retail Manager
Just 4 K-9s and Kitty 2


How to Beat the Snot Out of the Big Dogs

10 Things to Do as Soon as You Get Back to the Store

This session is filled with easy-to-implement “musts” that all businesses should already be doing. Dave apologizes if this “duh” filled session hits a nerve.  It’s time to stop yipping about best practices and get dirty. Audience members will leave with a list of simple things that every business owner/manager must do to compete with national chains and own their local market.

Audience Will Learn:

  • how to make customers LOVE your business
  • the secrets of building fierce customer loyalty
  • how to exploit what the big guys simply can’t do
  • how to compete with national chains by owning your local market

“Compete with national chains by owning your local market. As obvious as it seems it’s the small business owners and managers who pay attention to the details and put customers first that lead the pack to success.” – Dave

Pareto Marketing Inc.Just like David and Goliath, Dave uses customer relationships as his ‘slingshot’ to bring down the retail goliaths.

John R. Goodman, President
Pareto Marketing Inc., formerly Senior VP Marketing and Customer service Helzberg Diamonds, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway


Lessons Learned From The Top Dogs

Trade secrets from the titans of the business world

Audience members gain business insights they can put into practice tomorrow. Dave shares first-hand tips from lead dogs in business that give attendees a leg up. Dave joins the leaders of the pack as one of the few independent retailers serving on the board of the National Retail Federation. From Terry Lunghren of Macy’s, Mindy Grossman of Home Shopping Network (HSN) or Laura Sen of BJ Wholesale, Dave has slurped up wisdom straight from the big dogs. Bring your pad a pen and start scribbling as Dave fires take aways that will change the way your do your business — and your life. You’ll learn when you wag more and bark less, you’ll make friends for life – with customers, vendors, contacts and employees.

Audience Will Learn:

  • the difference between true titans and titan wanna-be’s
  • to lead the pack with respect and empowerment
  • to create a hot button that will create a buzz
  • to wag more and bite less

“I am SO fortunate to be in a position to interact with some of the real titans of the business world. To say that I am humbled in their presence is an understatement. The opportunity to listen to them, get to know them, and ask them questions about how they run their businesses has provided me with an incredible amount of wisdom and knowledge. If I am really lucky, I will put a fraction of what I have learned to use! In this session I will share many inspiring and amusing stories and conversations I have had with these folks. I am certain you will get a few takeaways from this one!”—Dave

Retail WireAt the recent eTail West conference, Dave Ratner gave a terrific presentation on how small retailers can win against big chains — real world examples from somebody who worked his way up from the bottom.

Al McClain


Let the Dogs Out!

You Are Who You Hire!

Dave manages over 150 employees in his 7 retail stores. In this program you will learn how to tread lightly in the human resources arena. No bones about it, every manager has made a bad hire. Dave comes to the rescue and lays it on the line, advancing retail and small business management to build excellent teams. Dave receives more emails following this session than any speech or workshop he gives. Small business owners and managers thank Dave for giving them the kick they needed to lick their wounds and move on with a more loyal and dependable crew.

Audience Will Learn:

  • why it is so important to have a great crew
  • what you need to do to how to get a great crew and keep a loyal crew
  • what you need to do to foster a fabulous working environment.
  • how to hire and yes, how and when to fire people

“I get more emails after this session than any other talks I do. If you are like me, the hardest part of running my business is managing people. This action-provoking session will help you become a better manager and run a better business. You will learn why it is so important to have a great crew and what you need to do to keep them. We will cover how to get that great crew and what you need to do to foster a fabulous working environment. We will also cover how to hire and yes, how and when to fire people. I promise,this session will light a fire under your butt!” — Dave

NRFShould you hire Dave to speak to your group? All I can say is we have asked him to present at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York for an unprecedented 4th consecutive year. Audiences love him!

William “Mac” McDonald, Marketing & Brand Management Coordinator

A Few of Dave’s Clients

A few of Dave Ratner's clients..

Dave delivers customized content to suit the needs of your audience.

They are RAVING about your seminars; saying they wrote down almost every single thing you said.Thank you for making my job easier.

— Kyle Whalen, Public Relations Manager,
International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association

Dave won't just tell you what to do, he'll share how to make your life easier and your business more successful.

Dave won’t just tell you what to do, he’ll share how to make your life easier and your business more successful.

Dave has the unique ability to appeal to all business levels from store clerks to CEOs. His style combines humor and real-world examples that hit home and stick. Businesses across the country have used his strategies to increase revenues and compete with their own “Big Guys” in the marketplace.


Dave in the Media

Dave in the Media

Dave brings cost-effective creative sales and marketing plus doggone great customer service solutions.

Unleash Dave’s Strategies At Your Next Event — Contact Dave Today!